How to write a good fanfiction with an oc

How to write a good fanfiction?

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When a Snape Isn't a Snape (Staying in Character): A good rule of thumb in writing is to Remember the Audience. It doesn't matter if your audience is grandmothers, fifteen year olds, or just yourself. You need to keep them in mind when you are writing. When you're writing fanfiction, you are writing for fans.

Fic Request Any good Male oc fanfiction (dailywn.comFanfiction) submitted 1 year ago by Johnsmith So basically I have a lot of time on my hands recently and I've been trying to find something to read.

Feb 12,  · How to write a good fanfiction? If you want to write a purely OC-centric story or one where the OC's get with someone from canon, write it for your own personal amusement.


It's what I do. Source(s): read a lot of fanfics like to write. narf · 7 years ago. 0. Thumbs up. Resolved. Good choices include Carla, Rebecca, Beth, Kara, Annette, Ella, Sophie, Sarah, Jill, Haley, Kayla (truly! Haha), Martha, Belle, Edith (Edie), and Violet.

Be careful if you search names on Google or a name website, because often what they consider 'old-fashioned' are just names that sound too out-there to be normal right now.

Nov 14,  · Fanfics don't need to be conventionally narrative or prose either. You can write your fanfic as poetry, or write up a tableau of a character's mental state during a given scene%(61).

An OC is a short way of saying Original Character, which is a unique character made by you. The type of OCs we'll be talking about are the ones used to write fanfictions and roleplays.

There are many OCs created every day, but not all of them have what it takes to be believable and loved.

How to write a good fanfiction with an oc
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